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Traditional Thai Medicine

A wide range of products and supplies for Thai medicine is available from Thai Thai Online. We are a convenient online shopping option with delivery throughout New Zealand. Have a look at what we offer and compare our prices. You will be pleasantly surprised at our variety and friendly service. Chat with us about what you need, and let us advise you. Be sure to pop in regularly, as we have regular specials and new products.

Harmony and Balance

The appeal of Thai medicine to the Western world is its emphasis on harmony between spirit, mind and body. In this view, illness is perceived as an imbalance between these three central elements. Restore the balance, and the patient is healed.

Thai medicine has been practised and refined for centuries. Some of its main products and remedies are now commonly available thanks to Thai Thai Online. Here is what you can expect to find:

  • Herbal remedies: Popular herbal remedies combine ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, makrut lime and holy basil to treat everything from pain to inflammation, digestive ailments and even stress.
  • Acupuncture supplies: These range from needles to moxa and cupping sets.
  • Massage oils and balms: Thai massage is integral to Thai medicine. It uses oils and balms formulated with essential oils and herbs.
  • Spiritually infused remedies: Amulets, talismans and sacred herb blends are perceived to be infused with spiritual energy that is effective in the healing process.

Fully Stocked

Thai Thai Online is a fully stocked emporium for all your Thai medicine needs. We pride ourselves on our selection, service and delivery. Our prices are highly competitive, and our range is unbeatable. Once you try us for your regular items, you will come back to explore further.

"MOXIPHAM" Green-Blue Causules (10 caps x 3 trays)  FREE SHIPPING
. Free Shipping
"MOXIPHAM" Green-Blue Causulesก่อนสั่งซื้อ ศึกษาผลิตภัณฑ์ก่อนนะจ๊ะ ข้อมูลดี ๆ แชร์ ลิงค์
NZD 42.00
OREDA ORANGE FLAVOURED ELECTROLYTE AND MINERAL POWDER DRINK - ท้องเสียDiscover quick relief from stomachache and diarrhea with our essential solution, ensuring rapid comfortEmpower yourself with Oreda and regain control over your digestive ..
NZD 0.49
- Hong Thai is a traditional Thai herbal inhaler. This is the most amazing product. Works like a charm to clear up sinus allergy. Very effective in relieving head stress. - One of the most popular inhalants with 100% satisfaction - It’s made ..
NZD 4.95
B.M. Baby Cough SyrupIndication: Each 4ml contains: Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg Ammonium Chloride 88mg Sodium Citrate 36mg Flavor and Vehicle Dosage: Children 1 month-1 year 1.2 tsp. Children 1-6 years 1 tsp. Children 6-12 y..
NZD 6.50
ROS DEE Chinese Five Spices Powder Intense and Tender Meat Formula (Ros Dee Menu) Ingredients: ..
NZD 3.99
"WANG PROM" Thai Plai Ointment Balm (50 grams x 12) - วังพรหม ยาหม่อง
. Free Shipping
"WANG PROM" Thai Plai Ointment Balm (50 grams) x 12Natural ingredients to provide gentle relief, relieve pain itching and bug bites. ..
NZD 110.00 NZD 118.80
"CAREBEAU" Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream (500  grams)..
NZD 14.90
"CAREBEAU" Vitamin E Milky Care - ALOE VERA (500  grams)- ph 5.5- NO Color- No Paraben- Non Altergenic With 26 Fragrance Allergen..
NZD 14.90
   "SOFFELL" Mosquito Repellent Liquid Spray / Natural (80 ml.)Mosquito Repellent Spray    ..
NZD 8.90
"CAREBEAU" Body Massage Oil - LAVENDER (450 ml.)..
NZD 10.90
"PARACHUTE" Pises Powder (3 g. x 10) - ผงวิเศษ "PARACHUTE" Pises Powder (3 g. x 10) - ผงวิเศษ
. Free Shipping
"Parachute" Pises Powder (3 grams x 10 )The Pises Powder is a treatment solution for acne and blemish-prone skin by Parachute. This antibacterial powder is a well-balanced formula that can heal outbreaks and prevent skin from exp..
NZD 20.00
Golden Cup Brand, Inhalant Lemon Scent Each 100 grams contain active ingredients Menthol 30g Pepermint Oil 20g Camphor 17.80 g Eucalyptus Oil 6g Methyl Salicylate 5g Clove Oil 0.5g Borneo Comphor 0.2g and other   ..
NZD 3.00
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