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Get Fresh Thai Cooking Ingredients Delivered to Your Door

We supply and deliver high-quality and ethically sourced Thai cooking ingredients, making home-cooked meals simple and delicious. Light and tasty, Thai food is full of crispy vegetables, exotic herbs and spices, and strong, creamy sauces. Our selection offers options for even the fussiest palates and includes healthy and convenient dishes.

Essential Thai Ingredients for Your Kitchen


Sauces are a staple element in Thai cuisine and contribute to the renowned flavouring. You can find fish sauce in almost every Thai dish, usually used to replace salt while adding flavour. Used to thicken the texture while enhancing flavour, oyster sauce contains essential minerals, predominantly used as a dipping sauce or as a base sauce for noodle and rice dishes. Soy sauce comes in both dark and light variants, predominantly used to add colour to your food. Most Thai curries use coconut milk to give a creamy taste and texture.

Herbs and Spices

Thai basil provides a distinct floral aroma, different from any other type of basil. Commonly found in curries and stir-fries, this ingredient is usually added towards the end of the cooking process to add a strong flavour. Thai chillies come in red and green and vary in heat. Larger chillies tend to be milder than the smaller chillies, both contributing their unique flavours to your Thai dish. Curry paste consists of herbs and spices that determine the identity of the dish. Choose between mild, medium, and hot from our range.


Rice is the foundation of a Thai dish. While there are numerous varieties of rice, Jasmine rice is popular for its fluffy texture. Rice noodles are also well-loved worldwide. Available in various sizes, these noodles complement any Thai meal. Sticky rice, also known as glutinous rice, used in both savoury and sweet applications, is an essential ingredient in Northern Thai foods.

Comprehensive Offering

We stock a wide variety of Thai food products, including drinks, snacks, and ready-to-eat meals.

"WAI WAI" Instant Noodles Pad Cha Flavour ( 60 grams) 1 ctn / 30 packsInstant noodles, stir fried clam flavour. Quick, convenient and delicious...
NZD 30.00
"CHA TRA MUE" Green Tea Mix - Green Bag (200 g.) FREE SHIPPING - ชาเขียว
. Free Shipping
"CHA TRA MUE" Green Tea Mix - Green Bag (200 grams)ChaTraMue tea has an elegant aroma along with a sweet taste and pleasant flavour. The tea is best served with milk that can be enjoyed either hot or cold...
NZD 14.90
"Mama" Instant Noodles Pork Flavour (60 grams) - มาม่า..
NZD 1.30
"Knorr" Pork Stock (2 Cubes / 20 grams)  Season every dish, or soup to taste with Knorr pork cube flavour soup. With boiled water, pork bones are simmered for up to 8 hours plus extra spices 2.5 times the best rec..
NZD 0.95
"North South" Black Glutinous Rice  (400 g)Black Glutinous Rice or Black Sticky Rice  ..
NZD 5.50
"EASY FOOD" Hat Yai Style Fried Chicken Seasoning Powder  (100 grams) - ผงปรุงรสอีซี่
Out Of Stock
"EASY FOOD" Hat Yai Style Fried Chicken Seasoning Powder  (100 grams) - ผงปรุงรสอีซี่How to marinated:1 Sachets of Easy Seasoning Powder / 7-10 kg of chicken, mix all well. How to fry chicken:1. 150 grams of Cr..
NZD 7.90
"EASY FOOD" Stwed Pork Leg On Rice Seasoning Powder  (100 grams) - ผงปรุงรสอีซี่Boil 1000 mL of water then add 100 grams of Easy Seasoning Powder, add meat and wait till cooked.Ready to serve   ..
NZD 7.90
"EASY FOOD" Grilled Pork Seasoning Powder (125 grams) - ผงปรุงรสอีซี่ ..
NZD 7.90
"EASY FOOD" Red Grilled Chicken Seasoning Powder (125 grams) - ผงปรุงรสอีซี่ ..
NZD 7.90
"NGUAN SOON" Crushed Chilli ( 40 grams) - ง่วนสูน พริกป่น
Out Of Stock
"NGUAN SOON" Crushed Chili ( 40 grams) - ง่วนสูน พริกป่น..
NZD 6.90
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