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Dried, Pickle, Baked Fruits or Veges

Freeze Dried, Pickle, Baked Fruits or Veges

"AROY-D" Longan In Syrup (565 grams)Premium Quality, Product of ThailandIngredients:  Longan 40.70%  Sugar 13%  Water 46.10 % Citric Acid 0.20%..
NZD 6.50
"BYSRI" Bamboo Shoot (454 g.) Bamboo shoots provide a delicious savoury taste with a light crunchiness to a dish. add to curries or soups...
NZD 4.10
"EATSI THAI" Freeze Dried Thai Sweet Basil  (weight before freeze-dried 100 g.) Freeze Dried Sweet Basil  "EATSI Thai" is a new innovation to reserve scent and texture of fresh ingredient. It is easy to use ..
NZD 3.45
Dried Attap Fruit / Palm Seed  LESS SWEETBest Keep in fridge..
NZD 24.90
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