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A fabric softener with premium perfume. - Long lasting fresh scent - Odor management - Makes clothes soft and gentle..
NZD 9.99
Cook rice to perfection using this Mini Rice Cooker MultifunctionIncludes measuring cup and spoon Capacity: 1.6 cup Dimensions/Size: Power source: 220-240V / 200W (Plug NZ) Colour: CreamFeaturesMini size C..
NZD 39.90
"CAREBEAU" Body Massage Oil - LAVENDER (450 ml.)..
NZD 10.90
"CAREBEAU" Body Massage Oil - JASMINE (450 ml.)..
NZD 10.90
"MADAME HENG" Acne Clear Soap (50 grams)This special formulation is also a great deodorant for both men and women. Prevent Acne,Spots, freckles and black heads.  Make smooth skin ,Exfoliate problem skin. Flaking and premature ag..
NZD 2.90
"Kitchen" Clay Mortar  22 *20 cm (1 set)Clay Mortar  approximately size 22 wide 19 cm high  The wooden Pestle extra long 27 cm..
NZD 35.00
"MADAME HENG" Orange Victamin C Soap (120 grams) + Soap Bag - Making more bubble ..
NZD 4.50
Angry Mama Microwave Oven Steam Cleaner, Spardar Microwave Cleaner Disinfects With Vinegar and Water for Kitchens, The Fun and Easy Way to Steam Clean Crud with Amazing Results..
NZD 9.50
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